PUBG: New State Publisher Krafton Reacts to the Bricking Scandal; Game’s Age Verification Fails

In response to reports that the battle royale game bricked smartphones.

Krafton, the publisher of New State, stated that the game was subjected to “enough testing” before its official release.

Furthermore, the South Korean corporation stated that it had confirmed the game’s smooth performance.

 Krafton provided no explanations for the bricking issue that multiple gamers observed on social media after the release of PUBG: New State earlier this week.

Aside from the bricking issue, gamers have noted that it is simple to avoid the PUBG: New State age verification popup and continue playing the game regardless of their age.

In an email response to us, Krafton addressed the bricking issue noted by a few gamers on Twitter shortly after the release of PUBG: New State.

“We completed thorough testing on mobile devices with characteristics equal to the Galaxy S7 or 2GB RAM variants and have ensured smooth game functioning,” the company stated.

Many players stated that PUBG: New State bricked their phones when they were asked to check-in as a guest or using a social network account.

According to multiple user reports, the issue primarily affected Android 12 devices.

Though Gadgets 360 was unable to objectively confirm the issue.

PUBG: New State Publisher Krafton Reacts to the Bricking Scandal
PUBG: New State Publisher Krafton Reacts to the Bricking Scandal

The PUBG sequel is off to a rock solid start

The debut of PUBG: New State was delayed by several hours on Thursday due to technical difficulties.

On its own website, Krafton also pointed out other problems in the game.

Along with the original issues.

PUBG: New State has a sloppy age verification method that may be readily circumvented, as India Today pointed out.

The game displays a message demanding confirmation that the user is at least 18 years old.

But if the user selects No, the game continues without requesting additional information. 

In comparison, Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) requires gamers under the age of 18.

It is to provide their parent or guardian’s phone number in order to proceed.

To alleviate concerns about children being allowed to play the game.

Krafton implemented the parental consent requirement with the release of BGMI earlier this year.

It was added to distinguish the game from its previous mobile version, PUBG Mobile, which was banned earlier this year.

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