PUBG New State plus four more of the year’s finest new mobile games

Despite the excitement around the release of PUBG New State, mobile gaming has been slower than expected this year, owing to everyone’s need to acclimatize to their new surroundings. While high-profile games like Tomb Raider Legends and Diablo Immortal have been postponed until 2022, that doesn’t mean we haven’t seen some incredible gameplay this year. The top five mobile games releases anticipated for 2021, including PUBG New State, are listed below.


In our country, PUBG has been through a lot. Following its ban, resuscitation as Battlegrounds Mobile India, and current incarnation as PUBG New State, the brand has undergone significant cosmetic and gameplay changes. While the gameplay in New State has mostly remained identical from yesterday, the aesthetics have been entirely redone with futuristic overtones.

PUBG New State plus four more of the year's finest new mobile games
PUBG New State plus four more of the year’s finest new mobile games

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

 Nobody expected the game that helped launch the Playstation to make its way to cellphones, let alone a battle royale version of it.

 Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier mixes features from Fortnite, Apex Legends, and other battle royale games with its own cast of characters and vehicles.

Pokemon Unite: Mobile Games

Pokemon Unite is a fast-paced MOBA with your favorite pocket monsters that transports you away from the Pokeball and into a magnificent, explosive, and colorful defense game with a hint of basketball?! Yes, everything is linked.

Rush Rally

Top-down racers have never been this much fun, even if they are a little pricey. Rush Rally Origins is a fantastic way to blast down dirt roads at high speeds and get your adrenaline pumping in between slow days. As your chicanes and jumps improve, you can gradually upgrade your vehicles. 

Rush Rally Origins is a good starting point for people who have just played the Asphalt series and want to go back behind the wheel. With this enormous dirt-pounding top-view racing, you’ll discover a new purpose.

Fantasian: Mobile Games

Fantasian is the most successful mobile RPG in terms of generating a compelling purpose. Its diorama-style delivery and battle system, turn-based mechanics, status/ailments system, and skill tree advancement will definitely appeal to Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fans. 

Fantasian is available for free via Apple Arcade. It even supports peripherals like controllers, and the game delivers a console-like feel even on a mini-series iPhone.

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