The current patch for Player’s unknown battleground. PUBG ‘s new state is dropping soon carrying some new features and specifications. In addition to a new game mode along with many new updates.

Experience BR – extreme the new 64 player battle royal held in Troi’s 4×4 play zone. BR extreme is a fast-paced 20-minute version of the original battle royale.

The play zone will be randomly decided by the first phase and if you are outside the zone for 30 seconds you will be knocked and dead. 

Patch notes 2022- New mode – BR extreme 

All the survivors will start with 

  • A pistol P1911 handgun 
  • 1 smoke grenade 
  • 300 drone credits 
  • Fully charged boots meters.

For troi and Erangel map rates of customization of kits have greatly increased A deployable shields are now wide type with the smaller version is no longer available. Circle speed is now generally faster than before and blue damage has increased up to the mid map.

New weapon – P90

P90 is a new powerful close to a mid-range weapon that can be obtained through a loot crate and other limited sources. P90 does not exist in the field and guns use 5.7mm ammo which can only be purchased from the drone store. The gun is pre-equipped with a two-step variable scope, laser sight, and suppressor. The player cannot use external attachments. 

Patch notes 2022- New mode – BR extreme 
Patch notes 2022- New mode – BR extreme 

New customizations guns in PUBG New State

They added new customization options for DP-28 Beryl M762. the penalty is slightly decreased in damage. The developer has also worked on the recoil of the guns. 

Animation Updates

A new animation has been added to the game. The fall- roll can be used by pressing ‘roll’ by falling. Using this technique correctly the player can reduce the amount of damage taken. It also is used for getting out from a vehicle.

Audio Updates in PUBG New State

The audible distance and space for footsteps, gunfire, and the

vehicle have been improved. Some of the vehicle’s exhausted audio has also been corrected.  Other improvements

Control improvement features the ability to adjust the multiplayer for vertical sensitivity of the camera scope and gyroscope. A tap and hold combined option has been added for peak. In the vehicle section, they made some changes where the player can easily enter the vehicle.

Seasons 1-

Season 1 will take place for two months. Each player tier will reset with the highest achieved tier during the pre-seasons deciding the reset mark regions all regions and modes. Scoring methods for ratings and tier will be changed and the player who selected random maps will now be given bonus tier points.

So these were the updates and changes in the patch notes of January 2022. We hope you liked our passage.  You are free to share your views on this theme.

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