Pubg Mobile X Spiderman No Way Home Collaboration: Exchangeable Rewards Are Live

In December 2021, hardly anyone would have been left behind who has not watched the hit Spiderman No Way Home movie. And secondly, almost all of us play PUBG Mobile. Why are we saying these things?

Well, the thing is the movie and the game are going to do a collaboration. Here are all the details about the same.

Pubg Mobile X Spiderman No Way Home Collaboration Details

The game developer Krafton announced that Pubg Mobile X Spiderman No Way Home Collaboration will be earlier this month. According to the statement released by them, the collaboration will feature Spiderman-based events and rewards. This type of event is already live on Fortnite. So, we can expect something similar. While the game event of this collaboration will be live in January 2022, a different built-up event is right now live on the game. The event is called the UC top-up event. Through this event, the players will be able to redeem great rewards. All they have to do is collect 60 UC to claim the reward. Also, under the event, certain game items will be available at discounted prices. And the more amount a player will spend, the more discount the player will get. Seems like a great deal right. But wait. There is a big asterisk present here. The UC event is exclusively for North American players. So, if you live outside of North American, then the event will not be available for you. Now does this also mean the Spiderman event is also exclusively for North American players? No. Don’t worry, the Spiderman event is for everyone.

So that is that. The new year for PUBG players is looking amazing. If you are a PUGB player and haven’t watched the movie yet then now is the time to watch it and be ready for the event. 

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