Pubg Mobile Cheat Makers Ordered To Pay $10 Million After Losing Lawsuit

The developer of Pubg, Krafton made an announcement about the victory against some hackers. Hackers were trying to create cheat targets in the mobile battle game.

In the combined press release in Germany and the United state, the makers have punished the cheat hackers with 10 million dollars. All the defendants have also asked them to share all the details about how they were able to create such a cheat target with Tencent and Krafton. The statement was given by the producer of the mobile Rick Li.

He also said that there are millions of players who play the game globally and they will ensure the safety as well as the level playing field of each player. Sadly the group of hackers is able to hack the game and ruin its fairness of it. They said that we will not tolerate cheating at all.

Krafton said that they will spend thes3 10 million dollars to do something against the hackers. They will make anti-cheat software to improve security. No hacker will be able to hack the game and add such targets once the software has been introduced to the game.

All around the world millions of players enjoy the Pubg. Almost everyone plays fairly and they were earning the rewards and gifts with lots of hard work. The news made every player sad that some cheaters were trying to make the cheat targets. However, the developers have ensured the no such incidents in the future. Now the hackers have to pay 10 million dollars and this is the biggest lesson to all the hackers who are still thinking to hack the game and chat with millions of users.

Do you believe in the makers that no such incidents will ever happen in the future?

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