PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 15.2 Brings Drones, EMT Gear, New Training Modes, More

The developer of the PUBG Krafton shared something very exciting for the gamers. The game has a new update 15.2. With the help of this update now drones can be brought to the battle royal game. The new update is already at the public test and now will come to the live servers nearly next week. The update has also improvements for the VSS and Win94 riffles. The mini-map is also more detailed now with a lobby theme.

PUBG update- Drones

There are new drones in the map that help to spawn and view the map The players have access to the map for training mode, sandbox, custom games, and normal matches. The best thing about the drones update is that they cannot collect the loot items and bring them back to the player who is controlling at the moment.

PUBG update – EMT gear

EMT gear is also available at all places similar to drones. There is a total of two stacks of bondages in the gear. There are a total of 10 bandages but more use of them will lower the combat flexibility. The EMT gear helps in fast recovery as well as fast healing of the player.

PUBG- New modes of the game

There are total of five stages for the training modes- Looting, shooting guns, using healing items, basic movement, reviving the injured teammates. These stages are compulsory for each player now. They may move to the next stage after the completion of the first.

The map of the game is fixed at Erangel and it can be supported by the perspective of the third person only. There is a practice area where gamers can enhance their aiming, shooting, and fitness. There is a moving target mode as well.

Gamers are very excited to update their game with so many features. Are you also excited to try these updates out?

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