PUBG: Battle Grounds Teased To Get Surveillance Drones On January 12

A new feature is going to debut on the popular game call the PUBG: Battlegrounds. The game developers have just teased about this new feature and this feature was expected to come out on 12th January 2022. Here are all the details about the same.

Drone In PUBG: Battle Grounds

Drone In PUBG: Battle Grounds

Since 12 January 2022 the surveillance drone feature was supposed to be the part of the game. This feature is already available on the PUBG: New State game. The drone feature provides a practical advantage as players can use it to know about the position of their enemies. A video teasing this feature was posted on the Facebook page of PUBG: Battlegrounds. The video shows a group of players planning out their attack on an enemy.

Suddenly a drone can be seen hovering over them that is being operated by another player who is staking them out without their knowledge. Prior to this teaser the developers had shared another clip which showcased the drone, a map, the drone’s remote control and a bag pack to carry all of this. With the release of this drone feature on 12th January the game has now become free to play which was earlier prized at Rs 999.

The free to download version will not include some of the game modes though. Players will have to buy them separately from the in-game store. These exclusive purchases will also unlock some in game items which are not available in the free to play version.

The free to play model will surely attract a lot of new players as earlier as well, PUBG was very popular among Indian players. Almost 9 out of 10 people in India played PUBG before the game was banned. With PUBG: Battlegrounds now free to play, players will download the game in numbers.

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