The crazy demand of Sony PS5 can be seen through this, we’re just in a minute it was out of stock soon after it went for pre-orders in India. This clearly shows what kind of demand PS5 console has in India. The company in its statement said that this repose from India is something which they had not expected.

After such a great response and quick selling of these gaming console, there are many customers left out in the hope to grab one from the next pre-orders. All they are now looking for is when these consoles will be back in stocks, collecting news from here and there regarding the company’s thought on this. For all these customers a Telegram bot is designed to help them out.

Telegram Bot to help when PS5 gets restock-

IGN report says, Shantanu Goel a Bengaluru-based IT professional after analysing many reports designed a PS5 restock bot. This bot will alert all customers eagerly waiting to for this console when its stocks live on Amazon. Moreover, he also further created a bot that works on the same process to alert it’s users when the Xbox Series X comes in stocks after launched in India. These bots are really helpful for gamers and all those planning for any one of these gaming consoles.

How To Use This Bot?

It just needs to add on your Telegram, after adding this got you will be notified within a second when the stocks back this console on Amazon. But there’s something which might upset you, we can’t provide the bot’s link as it’s not yet allowed. That means you have to visit the website on your own if you are planned to purchase it.

When Goel is asked why he chose a Telegram bot for this, he said telegram doesn’t require for push notifications as like other devices. Telegram pops the notification without bypassing firewalls or doing any server-side setups.

Further Telegram as a messenger has an edge which allows it to escape the optimising clutch very easily which another app can’t be permitted for.

After this, what do you think? Are you ready to add this bot to your Telegram? Let us know in the comments. And feel free to contact us for any info related- how to add this bot or its terms. 


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