The time has come, make merry, the PS5 is finally coming to India after such a long time. The Sony gaming console came out in the November of 2020 in the US and at the time Sony had announced that in India, the PS5 would be available in February of 2021. Sony is bang on time and to add to the joy they are bringing something with it!


Indian gamers, your excitement is going to break through the roof as we are thrilled to tell you that along with the PS5, the PS5 HD Camera will also be launched on 2nd February 2021 across India. Well this comes as a pleasant shocker of a news as until today there was not the slightest clue that the camera would also be launched. Sony was maintaining that only the PS5 console will be coming to the country with no other accessories being made available. Now though, not only is the camera coming with the console, the camera is right available for pre-ordering in India.

The camera has been priced at Rs. 5,190 and can be pre-ordered here Looking at your face, we can tell that there is still a bit of doubt in you regarding the whole matter. To clarify all your doubts we asked the people at Sony for clarity and they responded by telling us that they were happy to tell that the camera will indeed be available with the PS5 at all Sony stores in India from 2nd  February 2021.

There you go, we are caught up with all the latest buzz regarding gaming and so are you. Now don’t waste time and pre-order your PS5 HD Camera now!


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