A large number of restaurants and bars in Los Angeles are asking for proof of COVID -19 vaccination before letting people in. The Los Angeles city area is seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases. A lot of restaurant and bars owners have started this practice.

 We give to you the reason behind this move and the name of the popular restaurants and bars that are asking for proof.


 The main reason why the restaurants and bars are asking for a COVID-19 vaccination proof is that the numbers of COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles are again on the rise. If the cases continue increasing, the restaurants and bars may again have to shut down like the previous year.

 The restaurant and bar owners do not want that to happen again and that is why they have started to ask for COVID-19 vaccination proofs. They are also doing so to ensure that both their staff and customers remain safe from COVID-19. The owners are not letting in anyone without proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

 If anyone is yet to be vaccinated, then they must provide a negative COVID-19 test result and that to not older than 72 hours. The owners say they have to turn away a lot of customers for this condition but the practice is a necessary one to keep the business going on in times like this.

The restaurants and bars that are practicing this thing include The Conservatory, Harlowe’s, Formosa, Osteria la Buca, and Tramp Stamp Granny’s. If the cases continue to increase like this then more restaurants and bars may soon start asking for COVID-19 vaccination proofs.

If you enjoy going out to eat with your friends and family, then do not forget to take your vaccination proof with you.

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