Promising Young Woman: The Dark Twist

Just a warning before you dive into the read: Spoilers are awaiting you. So, if you haven’t watched Promising Young Woman yet then consider withdrawing.

The finale of the black comedy and thriller from Season 2 Killing Eve showrunner Emerald Fennell was enthralling and all the more exciting with a jaw-dropping and dark ending. We couldn’t possibly believe that it just happened in terms of the big twist that went down at Al Monroe’s Bachelor Party Bash.

The ending did bring chills down my spine, all starting with Cassie going in disguise as a stripper dressed as a nurse. She then takes Al Monroe upstairs for a private dance after slipping a little something in everyone else’s vodka shots. Cassie then threatens Al Monroe with the video but ultimately gets killed as he smothers her to death with a pillow. 

This shocking direction leads to the death of our protagonist and considering that she had collected enough evidence to ruin his life but now everything else will go in vain is creating a pit in everyone’s stomach.


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