The Prison Break character named Michael of Wentworth Miller has become quite popular over the years. Many people had come to know about him from the show itself and many only knew his screen name of Michael for so many years. 

For the fans, his leaving Prison Break was very sad news. Now something even sadder has come forward about him and that to from himself. Miller has been diagnosed with autism.


Miller revealed about his condition yesterday on his official Instagram handle. He posted a blank white space and revealed about his condition in the caption of the post. He revealed that he was aware of the situation for a year now. 

He had informally known that he had autism for over a year. He had not said anything to anyone because the diagnosis was not accurate and reliable at the time. It was only a few days back that he himself was formally informed about his condition. 

Miller says that the truth was easier to cope with because he had known about the possibility for a year now. To quote him, his diagnosis of autism is “A Shock, But Not a Surprise” for him.


Miller has said that life will be very different now for him. For a first, Miller knows very little about autism. 

He said that his first step now that he knows about his condition would be to know more about autism. He says that he wants to be informed about the condition better so that he can lead a better life. He invited anyone with any knowledge about autism to come forward. 

He would be happy to share the information on his Instagram handle provided by anyone knowledgeable about the subject. He also added that now he would view the world and his life gone by differently now that he is autistic.

Life can change any moment for anyone, including stars. 

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