Pose season 3 finally confirms UK release date

Mark the dates on your calendar as Season 3 of Pose has finally confirmed its UK release date. The third and final run of the series will be coming on Sunday 8th August, 2021. The series is produced by Ryan Murphy and it first premiered on FX in the United States and now the series is about to air on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdoms. The episodes on BBC Two will air weekly, while on the other hand, all the episodes will be made available on iPlayer from that date. If you can’t wait for the third and final season, then you can also binge watch Seasons 1 and 2 which are already available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Pose aired its series finale in the US back in June. The series is about New York City’s LGBTQ+ and drag ball scene in the 1980s and it features some African-American and Latino icons. The show was created by Steven Canals, who was keen to showcase the notorious drag ballroom scene in Harlem. It was then in March 2021 when the sad news of the third season being the final one was announced.

Why are we constantly saying that this will be the final season? Well, the show’s creator, Steven Canals has answered this question already by saying, “Our audience has been so incredibly supportive of the show and I wanted to tell you directly that our new season, which debuts on FX on May 2, will be its last.

“It was a very difficult decision for us to make, but this has been an incredible journey and we have told the story that we wanted to tell the way that we wanted to tell it.” He also commented that he was passionate about telling a story about family, resilience and love.

Describing Pose’s ending as “bittersweet”, Ricky actor Dyllón Burnside told Digital Spy: “We’ve worked so hard on this show for the past three seasons, and it’s been such a great joy and an honor to work on this project.

“I’ve learned so much from it. I’ve grown a lot from it. I’ve grown so close to everyone involved. It’s hard to say goodbye for a lot of different reasons.”

He added: “I can look back on a body of work, and say, ‘Wow, we did something that was really special, and really important, and impactful.’

“I just feel incredibly grateful for it, and excited for the other doors that it’s opening for everyone who’s been a part of this project, and for queer and trans folk, and Black and brown folk.”

However, it will always be remembered as the revolutionary series featured the largest-ever cast of transgender actors on a TV network.


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