Poms (2019) Netflix: Release date, Crew, Plot, and Other details.

We all know how beautiful the movie is, isn’t it? In the movie. The movie sends out an important message to those who have dreams of wishes that they left behind once. You can always chase them, it is never too late to follow your ambitions. Even if the chances are not alongside you. 

We all may see the classic movie on Netflix very soon. We are all longing to watch the movie, aren’t we? Let’s go through all the information that we have.


It is believed that the movie may air on Netflix on 1st August 2021 by the creator of the flick. One can enjoy the classic once it is out on the platform. The long wait is over for the fans and viewers. 

Source: IMDb


  • Diane Keaton plays the part of Martha in the movie.
  • Jackie Weaver functions as Sheryl in the show. 
  • Rhea Perlman acts to be Alice in the movie. 
  • Pam Grier pretends to be Olive. 
  • Celia Weston plays the part of Vicki.
  • Alisha Boe acts to be Chloe. 
  • Bruce McGill pretends to be Chief Carl. 
  • Alexandra Ficken functions as Paige. 


Martha (played by Diane Keaton) is a shy woman and as she shifts to a retirement neighborhood that possesses shuffleboard, golf, bowling along with many additional activities. Expecting to be fled lonely, she comes across Sheryl, who is an amazing as well as an adoring neighbor who urges that the duo much come to be best-friends. 

Martha being an introvert, trying to evade that, the duo agrees on to create a cheerleading group encompassing their other neighbors. 


The trailer of the movie is available to all on YouTube. To watch the same you can just Click Here. So what are you waiting for go and check out the trailer.

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