Pokemon Fan Has a Good Idea to Improve Safari Zones in Future Games

In most Pokemon games, the Safari Zone is becoming very popular among the players. While all the players are in general happy with the Safari Zone featured in different Pokemon games, a certain player has come up with a pretty good suggestion for the future of the Safari Zone.

Ahead we will see what this player has to say. But first, if you are a new Pokemon games player, you might know what a Safari Zone is.

Thus, let’s first see that before moving on to the suggestion.

What is a Safari Zone in Pokemon games?

The Safari Zone in the Pokemon is an area where players can hunt and capture new Pokemons using the PokeBalls. The games are Pokemon Johto, Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and Pokemon Kanto.

The specialty of the Safari Zones in all these games was that players were not supposed to engage in a battle with the Pokemon they were trying to capture.

Most of the time the games did not allow the players to throw the Pokeball for capturing a Pokemon before a battle. Thus, a battle was inevitable to capture the Pokemon.

The Safari Zone was dropped from the Pokemon when the 2nd Generation games started to come out. Having known about the Safari Zones, let’s now shift our focus on the suggestion provided.

The suggestion

The suggestion has come from a player with the username MagicalMagic00. The player has suggested that if the Safari Zone is once again featured in the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet game.

And then the Pokemon capturing mechanism from Pokemon Legends: Arceus should be featured in the new Safari Zone of the new game.

A lot of other games players have agreed with the suggestion. But why have they?

Find out the answer to the same in the next segment.

Why is the suggestion good?

Most players are calling the suggestion a good one as in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the Pokemon capturing mechanism is better than all the previous games. In all of the Pokemon till Arceus, the players had to engage in a Pokemon battle to capture a new Pokemon. Then in Arceus, a new mechanism was introduced through which players could deploy the PokeBall before engaging a new Pokemon for capturing it. The new mechanism allowed players to capture a Pokemon without any battle. Only sometimes the players had to engage in a Pokemon battle. In this way, the Safari Zone in the new game can get better than before.  

The players have also asked that the Arceus mechanism be made standard for all future Pokemon with a Safari Zone. And should be included in Scarlet and Violet.

Well, the suggestion is good indeed and the game developers could implement the suggestion in the upcoming game.

If though, the game mechanisms for Scarlet and Violet have already been finalized then maybe we could see the implementation of the suggestion in future Pokemon games. 

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