Poco X3 NFC: Still the Best Value Xiaomi Phone

Xiaomi as a brand is considered to be the Apple of China. They started as smartphone manufacturers but they now make hundreds of other types of gadgets and devices. Smartphones still represent the core of their business, with new models being released each quarter. What is today the best value Xiaomi phone may soon be overturned by a new model. However, every once in a while, a smartphone is released that is so good for its price point, that it is difficult to imagine anything remotely better being released in a year. One such example is the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC smartphone.

Poco X3 Is All About Value

The Poco X3 takes the prize for the best value Xiaomi phone for several reasons. Hardware is the first factor that makes it such an appealing device. It does everything you would expect a modern phone to, except 5G. On top of it all, it doesn’t cost that much. There are smartphones that offer similar performance, usability, and practicality for twice the price. To make things worse, even Xiaomi has smartphones that offer poorer value for money compared to the Poco X3 NFC.


Regardless of how many praises the Poco X3 has received, they are worthless without naming some of the key hardware and software features the device has. The SOC used, the Snapdragon 732G offers plenty of power and was specifically designed for gaming. While it is still considered a mid-range chipset, it has enough performance to run Android properly. Paired with Xiaomi’s Android skin, the MIUI, the smartphone feels smooth with fluent animations, no stuttering, and fast app load times.

Gaming performance is the area where the Poco X3 has proven its worth. It runs games such as Fortnite much better than other devices that are considerably more expensive.

For the display, Xiaomi used a 120Hz OLED panel. The only downside of this display is that it struggles in direct sunlight. In normal usage conditions, the display does not disappoint.

Lastly, one of the aspects that matter a lot when looking for the best value Xiaomi phone is the battery. While on paper, when reading the numbers they may not seem impressive, using the phone throughout the day does not give you battery anxiety. Depending on what you use your Poco X3 for, you should expect at least 6 hours of screen time. Charging is also reasonable. Going from zero to full takes just over one hour. While it may not be considered fast according to today’s standards, one hour is still reasonable.

Should You Consider the Poco X3 NFC?

If you do not care about 5G, the Poco X3 NFC is the logical choice. Even if it uses hardware that has been specifically tweaked for gaming, it can still serve as your daily driver as it can handle anything you throw at it. It is truly the best value Xiaomi phone you can get and it is highly unlikely that Xiaomi will come up with something better over the next couple of quarters. The competitor may come in the form of a new Poco phone but nobody knows when that will arrive.


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