Are you a Spider-Man fan who loves to collect collectables related to the superhero? Those answering in the affirmative are in for an absolute delight as a new Spider-Man statue is out now for ordering. Here are all the details you would like to know.


To a hard core Spider-Man fan, it is very important to know on which Spider-Man the new statue is based on. Is it based on Tobey Maguire the first Spider-Man?

 Is it based on the first tech aided Spider-Man Andrew Garfield? Is it Tom Holland’s version or is it based on the PS5 game character Miles Morale from the game Spider-Man: Miles Morales? 

Well enough of suspense building. We will come clean by telling you that the new statue is based on the last option that we just mentioned. 


Made by the toy company Toy Ark, the statue is 29.5” tall. It stands on a snowy rooftop base. The architecture of the base is stone like and has a snowy texture to it. 

It features Spider-Man symbols on the sides. The statue is wearing the same outfit that the character wears in the game which is the black and red suit. The statue also features minor details like web shooters, gloves and shoes. 

The statue is made on the 1:3 scale. The statue comes with a detachable hand which can be replaced with a hand holding the mask. As is clear from this statement, Mike’s statue is not wearing his mask. In addition to all of this, the statue is coming with a Mike Morales portrait.


To order your very own Spider-Man Mikes Morale statue go to the Slideshow Collectibles website. The statue is available for pre-ordering now. The website is taking orders only between 12 and 3pm. The statue has been priced at $1,100.

The statue is a great way of showing your love for Spider-Man so order yours now!

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