How to solve the [pii_email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16] Error in Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook, [pii_email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16] is a type of Error code that stuck the software to work properly. Check out the methods to solve such problems.

The error code [Pii_Email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16] can create lots of problems and disturbances while you are using it. However, there are certain reasons which lead this error code to come in Microsoft Outlook. Many questions are arising in your mind.

How to Solve [Pii_Email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16] Error Code or Will it be able again to work properly and many more.

In this article, you will get to know the answers to all your queries. But before that, it is important to collect all the major information relevant to [Pii_Email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16] Error Code. So, have a look at the following description to clear out all the doubts.

What is [pii_email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16] Error?

This is one of the major things to know because until and unless the problem is known, we are not going to find its exact solution. So, [pii_email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16] is a type of error code that can problem the whole outlook applications. There can be several reasons which make this error arise and create disturbance in MS outlook. Some of the reasons include:

  • Improper Installation Process.
  • Multitasking.
  • MS Outlook classes with other software of the system.
  • Pirated version of MS Outlook.
  • It also happens due to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server.
  • Old Version of MS outlook.
  • MS Outlook is not compatible with the Operating system.

How to Solve [Pii_Email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16] Error Code?    

As soon as we look at this error code, the first thing comes to mind is How to Solve [Pii_Email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16] Error Code? Due to a lack of technical knowledge and information, many users spent lots of money to fix this error. But you can try it yourself with some simple tricks and tips which can save your time and money both.

4 magical strategies will make you get rid of such error code problems. Here are some of them:

Strategy-1: Clear Cache and Cookies to Fix [pii_email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16].

This is the first thing that you should do when your MS Outlook has a problem due [pii_email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16] error code. Clearing cookies and cache will fix this technical issue. It will help to delete all the old character strings and unnecessary data. All the things which are storing data will be erased.

What to do

  • First, clear all the cache and cookies from browsing history. The Unsolicited data will be erased.
  • After deleting, close the Microsoft Outlook and open it again.
  • Once close the whole system.
  • Update all the MS Outlook software to get the latest web trends.

Strategy-2: Utilize the Auto Repair Tool to Solve [pii_email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16]

If the above-discussed method does not work in solving your problem then try to resolve it from an automatic repair tool. This feature of the control panel helps to fix the error automatically. This will help in solving the problem naturally.

How to solve the [pii_email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16] Error in Outlook
How to solve the [pii_email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16] Error in Outlook

What to do

  • Go to the control panel, click on programs and features.
  • Search View Office 365 on program and features tool. You can also search for Microsoft Outlook applications.
  • Select the edit option from the top of the programs. Select the Repair option and follow the steps as guided by the system.

Strategy-3: Reinstallation of Microsoft Outlook to Fix the Error [pii_email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16]

If your problem is not solved by clearing the browning’s unnecessary data and Auto repair tool then you have to uninstall the MS Outlook to reinstall it again. It may happen that the error is coming due to the wrong installation process. Sometimes when Outlook is not installed properly then it may conflict with some other software of the system. Sometimes an old version of outlook also has such problems which can be solved from reinstallation. The outdated version also creates such error code problems. To fix all this problem, reinstall the MS Outlook from its original website.

What to do

  • Uninstall the MS Outlook and then again reinstall it from the original website.
  • Close the MS Outlook and the whole system.
  • Open it and log in to use MS Outlook properly.

Strategy-4: Update the operating system to fix [pii_email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16]

In most cases, it is observed that when the operating system and the version of MS Outlook are not compatible with each other then such type of issue arises. To avoid such problems it is important to match both the software and update it according to their compatibility.

What to do

  • Use the older version of the operating system, preferably suggested Window 7 or 8. Try to avoid Windows 10 as MS Outlook does not work properly with this operating system.
  • You can also try some other version of MS OUTLOOK to make it compatible with the operating system.

Apart from the above discussed technical strategies, there are some other methods which can also help you to fix this error very easily. Check Out:

  • Try to work on a single account of MS Outlook. Working with multiple accounts at the same MS Outlook also leads to the error of attacking your MS application.
  • Do not use the duplicate website to install Microsoft Outlook.
  • Modify The server port number to fix the problem.

If none of the above-discussed methods works to fix the [pii_email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16] error code then it is advised to contact the Microsoft Outlook customer care service. They are experienced technicians and they know very well to solve such error code problems.


Error code [pii_email_cb926d7a93773fcbba16] for Microsoft Outlook is common and can come due to various reasons. But follow the strategies and methods to solve it with easy steps. 

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