The latest update of the game Dead by Daylight has come in and it has brought with itself a lot of new things and bug fixes.

 Before you go to download the new update, quickly go through what we have to offer so that you know what you are getting from the update.


The new update brings some new features. The settings menu has been refined. Some crucial changes can be made from the menu itself now. A button for the beginners has been added.  Some new game content has also been added.

 The trickster game play has been tweaked. Some things have increased while some things have decreased. New supplements to enhance the game avatars have been added. New weapons, skills, compilations, and trickster game play features are also there in the update. On the PTB to LIVE side of things, a number of things have been introduced while a few things have been decreased or increased. 

The update also features new perks like the No Way Out and Hex have been added. A lot of technical things have been improved in the game like now the Killer tries to grab the Survivor, unlike the previous time.

  On the tutorial side of things, new tutorials for both Killers and Survivors have been added. Also, now the menus on the game have tooltips, a feature introduced for the beginners. You can turn them off from the settings menu. 

 A lot of visual updates for the look and feel of the survivors have also been added. In addition to all of this, there are some miscellaneous updates as well as new additions to the archive. Dozens of bug fixes for game play and performance, maps and collisions, animation and cosmetics, and audio have been added. 

There are quite a few PTB bug fixes as well. Some known issues have also been addressed.

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