People Don’t Know How To React To Netflix’s New Kristen Bell Series

Over at the Netflix service in USA, a new show starring ‘Bad Moms’ actress Kristen Bell is gaining popularity. You might think that this show must have a solid plot. That is the case but the plot is only half the reason why the show is getting popular. Hang around till the end to know the reason.

The Reason

The Reason

This new show starring Kristen Bell is called ‘The Women in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window’. Yes, that is the name of the show. The long name provides let’s say up to 10% towards the show’s fame though. The real deal is in the similarity of the plot with another movie.

The plot of the show is like a lonely girl who has recently broken up with her boyfriend lives at the second floor of a house all alone. To pass her time all she does is drink a lot and watch the neighbors go about their lives from the window of her room. One day while really high, she witnesses a woman being murdered in the house across the street. When she tries to report the crime to the police, no one believes her knowing that she is a drunkard.

Surprisingly now the plot of the show matches exactly with a movie named ‘The Women in the Window’. It is a Netflix original movie that released in 2021. A quick google search is all you need to see to believe this. People on social media are going crazy with the similarity. Most of the are ridiculing the new show for being a carbon copy of the movie.

Yes, we know seeing is believing so we suggest you watch both, the movie and the show, today to really enjoy the whole scene created here.

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