Peaky Blinders season 6 release date, cast, and plot !

Peaky Blinders is a crime drama series aired on BBC two in September 2013. They have released a total of four seasons on BBC two and then shifted their channel to BBC one and released their fifth installment. Peaky Blinders was successful enough to win the hearts of its audience and Rotten Tomatoes has given the overall rating of 93%. 

The 5th season was last aired on 22nd September 2019 and is a bit shady side. But there is good news for the fans of Peaky Blinders that season 6 is on the way.

In a recent interview, Steven Knight said that he is working on two more seasons of Peaky Blinders. 

But as of now, BBC one didn’t announce anything about season 6.

Release date of Peaky Blinders:

According to Director Anthony Byrne, he explained that the locations for shooting, costumes, set, cameras everything was ready during March. But they could not able to go ahead with the shooting due to the current pandemic situation of Covid-19. They were not hoping something like this will happen. 

Anthony Byrne said that they will start shooting from the starting year of 2021 and will finish the shooting by April or May. The editing will take 6 months. So according to him the series will all set to hit the screen by the year-end of 2021 or early 2022. 

The plot of season 6:

Season 6, 1st  episode is named as Black day. The story will start at the end of season 5. In the last scene was Tommy the leader of Peaky Blinder was holding a gun on his head. Season 6 will be opening with the mystery of what will happen next? Tommy was betrayed by his own man. But who? There are a lot many suspects on the list.

The cast of season 6:

Most of the main characters who survived in season 5 will be seen continuing in season 6 as well. There is no further announcement of any addition to the cast. If we get any updates on the same we will share.

For more updates please stay tuned with us.


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