Paul Feig Calls Out Sony For Not Including 2016 ‘GHOSTBUSTERS’ Film In Franchise Box Set

The latest Ghostbuster movie is coming out really soon. There are a lot of fans waiting for the release of the movie. Sony, the producers for the movie, are going to give some extra joy to the Ghostbuster franchise lovers by releasing a special Ghostbusters movie set on the day of the new movie’s release. But the movie pack has landed Sony into trouble. Here is all that you need to know about the matter.

The Matter

ghost busters

In the movie set that Sony has planned to release on the day of the new movie’s release, all the Ghost busters movies except the 2016 Paul Feig It has been included. Putting it simply, the set does not include the 2016 movie.

This detail has angered a lot of Ghostbuster franchise fans. The Twitter is making life for Sony very difficult. Things are so heated that Paul Feig has himself taken to Twitter and tweeted to Sony that why his movie is not in the set.

In his tweet he says that there must have been some mistake by Sony. That they must have simply forgotten about the movie.

Sony’s official Twitter handle has not responded back to Feig’s tweet yet. In fact, Sony has not responded to all the anger and talks on the subject on any platform.

They have not even given any official statement to any website, news agency or magazine. They are absolutely quiet on the matter for reasons unknown. The silence of Sony is clearly not giving a very nice message to Feig and the rest of the fans of the 2016 film.

Why are Sony quiet on the matter? Are they at fault? Or have they some special plans for the 2016 movie? We shall see when Sony comes around with a statement.

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