On January 26, Google announced that its recently launched Chromebooks will get some additional new features. And this time all thanks to Chrome OS 88 update released during late 2020. As per the official report, this new feature will allow your devices and websites to be run a bit faster. More to this you can expect a personalized lock screen feature to be added along with this. 

All thanks to WebAuth to provide the latest sing-in method with no time processing. In the report, it was made clear that Google’s Web Authentication that was previously rolled out form all Android devices had a comeback in the year 2019. All Chromebooks users can now easily sign into WebAuth supported websites. Interestingly this time there are no site-specific passwords needed. 

The sign-in procedure is now getting advanced with the fingerprint verification or using the device PIN if the former is not supported. To make things clear and verify first regarding the support and access, these websites should provide a pop-up. 

Additionally, these fingerprint and PIN verification can also be used in case of the two-step verification procedure. This new feature will eventually remove the need for security keys or different authentication software to perform the same.  

Personalization of your Chromebook lock screen simple means the access to display what you want to see and whatnot. The smart display will allow you to pause, play and change the ongoing music even in the lock screen, without moving ahead to unlock the Chromebook first. 

Lastly, there will be a new option you will notice to change your lock screen background with any image from the gallery or Google Photo album.  

Eager to try this? Go ahead and try this yourself performing the following steps below – 

Step 1) Move first to your Chrome OS Settings menu.

Step 2) From the popped menu select ‘Personalization’ 

Step 3) Adjust as per your need and view screensaver options.

That’s it! Did we miss out something? Let us know. 


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