Paris Fashion Week 2022: Kenzo Returns To Japanese Roots In History-Making Moment

Asian designer Kenzo made history at the Paris Fashion Week 2022. It was one of the designers named Nigo who made the company proud. Here is the full coverage of the event.

Nigo’s Style

NIgo who is right now 51 studied at the same Tokyo fashion college as Japan’s previous fashion prodigy Kenzo Takada who happens to be the founder of the Kenzo fashion Line. Nigo impressed the audience and the experts present at the event with his loose and comfortable looking clothes. He experimented with waist high chino pants, oddly designed leather loafers and wool coats. Even though all of this may not sound that appealing, the models on the ramp looked good in this attire that are meant for the summers. His collection was applauded by his close friends who include Kanye West and Farrell Williams. Galerie Vivienne which was venue for the show also complemented Nigo’s style. The experts at the Fashion Week are also loving Kenzo’s new clothes. They say Nigo has done a very good job at blending the Japanese and Western style of clothing. The style looks like that one is wearing a modern version of the traditional Japanese kimono. The style also included clothes for woman. All the models looked great and in conclusion all that can be said about the clothes is that they work. They have the appeal and Kenzo have once again excelled at the leadership of a Japanese. The success has historical value as Kenzo was founded by Kenzo Takada in 1970. He was the first Japanese to start and maintain a fashion line that has held credibility in the super competitive fashion industry of France. The ramp walk at the Fashion Week was a site to behold. You can watch the ramp walk by clicking here

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