There is a company named Paddle in the market which is engaged in the business of revenue delivery platform. The company focuses on companies which work in the SaaS (Software as a Service) industry.

The company makes such business to work together in order to make a better workflow and sell their products and services more efficiently. The strategy is quite practical and result oriented as previously both the companies were working on selling two different services in the market with their sales force, but now they will focus on a single service with a joined workforce, ultimately the products will be sold.

The company provides a single step solution to manage their payment structures of the subscriptions. Other than payments, it also manages other things like Taxes and other parts of business activities.

The company is a UK based start-up which started in 2012. Though it is a new company, it is still doing well in the market. 

A lot of businesses are looking for solutions which will help them in improving their market situation. Paddle is the most ideal solution for their needs of the software sales process.

The Paddle company has played a vital role in helping companies to sell SaaS. The tools that the company uses for handling the VAT, GST, Sales Tax and their payments, are really efficient and effective.


It really doesn’t matter with the cost of subscription as it only charges a little percent of fee on the transactions. No matter how big your organization is, it won’t make a huge difference in the pricing.

Paddle has a diversified system which can take care of a lot of aspects of your business requirements. You just have to decide what will be the best as per your company’s requirements. You will be asked to fill a form about your company’s overview and you can just sit on the couch and let them do the job.

There are a lot of options by the company which can help you boost the sales of your software and it will also make the payment methods easy.

Paddle has really come a long way with helping people out there to achieve their business goals. We suggest you should also try out their service one if you are engaged in the business of SaaS.


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