Other criminal charges are ‘likely’ against the officer who bought 37 firearms during the Capitol riots.

Former Virginia police officer suspected of buying hundreds of firearms while under indictment for allegedly entering the U.S. Capitol building during the January 6 Capitol riot is expected to face more federal charges shortly.

When Thomas Robertson, a former Rocky Mount police officer, was indicted in January on five counts for his role in the Capitol building breach, a federal prosecutor stated the Justice Department expected to file further charges against him.

When the Department of Justice presented proof that Robertson had purchased 37 weapons and sent them to a local gun shop, Robertson was ordered back into jail. Investigators spoke with the proprietor of the gun store, who confirmed that Robertson had visited the store to touch some of the firearms on the premises before. It was also discovered that Robertson attempted to hide his handgun purchase by identifying the payment as “wedding photographs” on a Venmo transaction.

Anyone under federal indictment for a crime punishable by at least a year in prison who ships, transports, or receives firearms or ammunition in interstate or foreign commerce is guilty of a felony. However, the DOJ did not provide a timeline for when further charges might be filed.

Also, according to the government, Fracker and Robertson had been offered plea deals, but none of them was taken. U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper inquired whether the defendants had rejected the offers or had not reacted and received various answers.

Bernard Crane, Fracker’s attorney, said his client could not accept or reject the offer because it was tied to Robertson’s – meaning they would have to be taken together – because it was wired. Rollins said Robertson was not interested in pleading guilty and wanted a trial date as soon as possible.

Fracker and Robertson face various counts for their alleged involvement in the January 6 incident, including obstruction of an official procedure, which is punishable by up to 20 years in jail. On September 23, the two men will return to court for a status conference. As of yet, Cooper hasn’t set a trial date for this particular case.


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