Oscar Isaac’s new Star Wars film receives great reviews in its initial screenings

Oscar Isaac (Star Wars) stars in The Card Counter, a new criminal drama that has just received a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. This chilling tale of a serviceman-turned-convict-turned-gambler, directed by Paul Schrader (First Reformed) and co-starring Tiffany Haddish, Tye Sheridan, and Willem Dafoe, has debuted at the Venice Film Festival.

Screen Daily came to the following conclusion:

“Who cares about what is happening in America more, William Tell or Isaac Hempstead Wright? As another narrative of the haunted man at a crossroads, Paul Schrader’s script has cushioned headboards in suburban casinos, horrifying Iraqi torture sequences, and military penal institutions with furniture chained to the floor.”

However, Little White Lies praised the film’s pacing and character development “An understated critique of American life. It is only William’s Ukrainian poker rival, Mr. USA, who succeeds in yelling “U.S.A!” everywhere he goes in this picture.”

In the words of TheWrap, “Even with the artistic bravado and the powerful way in which Schrader distils his heady ideas (all of which are recycled from Schrader’s own body of work),” “The Card Counter still doesn’t come off as urgent or compelling as past efforts.”

As IndieWire put it: “This is an anti-romantic look into America’s most dismal regions of emptiness, packed with rubbish left behind by all the Danny Oceans of the world” As well as flashing lights that make you forget where you are for a second or two, there are motels and strip malls.

In spite of the fact that The Card Counter is not quite as narcotized as a Nicolas Winding Refn picture, Robert Levon Been’s original soundtrack, with its numb camera movements and whiskey drone, gives you a visceral sense of how someone can wind up imprisoned in these surroundings till the end of time.”

A final choice was made by The Hollywood Reporter, which stated: “It’s nice to see Haddish stretch her acting muscles with such a serious character, as an obstinate yet calm client in a position where reading people is a requirement.” One night, La Linda coaxes William out of his spartan routine of hotels, casinos, and mediocre food to go for an evening stroll around the illuminated Missouri Botanical Garden.

During their discussions in this lovely location, which is so different from the world the film normally inhabits, the two actors’ chemistry genuinely resonates.” A global premiere of The Card Counter took place at the Venice Film Festival, and the film will be released in the United States on September 10.


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