OPPO To Introduce Oppo X 2021, A Concept Phone With Rollable Display

Oppo one of the leading smartphone manufacturers now shaking up the smartphone designs that doesn’t look odd in the upgrading stylus. 

This started in 2013, where first time Oppo gave a twist to its N1 model. The Oppo N1 model had a rotating camera that was stupendously loved by fans. 

However, this continued in 2018’s Find X. What’s unique in this?

 This time Oppo got rid of the notch and all thanks to its slide-out cameras. Every unique twist in the design gets a huge positive response from the fans. Thus, this isn’t surprising that maker’s again redefining the norms. 

Oppo X 2021

Oppo X 2021 is the upcoming design rubric, this smartphone will have a rollable concept. 

Undoubtedly, this is what a future looks like. This smartphone is expected to change all concept of designs.

Wait! It doesn’t stop here, the biggest wow factor in this Oppo X 2021 is that it has an adjusting screen size. This screen size can adjust between 6.7 and 7.4-inches. 

 You can adjust it’s screen diagonally, this adjustment presents new opportunities for creators and users. 

The adjustment comes up as an option wherein basic form, the initial display size is fixed to 6.7-inches. 

Talking about the screen panel it’s an OLED panel and this gets support from a proprietary Warp Track high-strength screen laminate. 

This laminate part is fixed just below the actual display. Moreover, it’s just 0.1mm thick at its thinnest point but strong enough to give the required support. 

However, there’s no clue about the actual material layering outside the display. But it probably some sort of plastic material. 

The new Oppo X 2021 will also feature a dynamic frame design. This frame will be composed of two parts, one that going to be a fixed type, and the other one a moving type placed at the top. 

What prevents the screen from collapsing is the 2-in-1 plate design. This plate doesn’t have any segment gaps and restricts screen collapsing. The metallic support layering underneath the panel takes all the credit. 


Still, the entire design is out, but the company haven’t revealed any release plan for the Oppo X 2021. The current expectation from the phone is indeed much high and quite challenging to make it true. 

Stay Tuned! For more updates regarding this future tech, and more gadgets. 


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