Oppo introduces a new “slide-phone” concept smartphone with a total three hinges on the X-axis

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo recently introduced its new rollable concept phone named Find X 2021. Well, it is quite a long way for this smartphone to become commercially available.

But Oppo already looking ahead about it’s new “slide-phone” concept smartphones, and this new design can be said as the next revolution in smartphone design.  

Oppo “slide-phone” concept

Reports confirmed that Oppo collaborated with Nendo the Japanese design studio to bring up its new concept slide-phone. Moreover, as per the design revealed the upcoming smartphone has three hinges on the X-axis. This hinges will allow the phone to adjust in seven different sizes. 

Well, the idea behind this new concept “slide-phone” emerged nowhere but from people need to get more functionality in their handset. This is not from us but was said in a press release by Oppo and Nendo.

The other innovative design provides the flexibility to change the form of the phone which is now common and users want something unique. Thus, on high demand from users this new slide concept phone with the ability to change the size as per the occasion is Oppo’s next target. 

As per the report, the concept also contains a tucked-in stylus. However, Oppo knows well that there’s still time before this device comes up to reality.

But the company’s point is clear it’s always important to discover new innovation avenues and design that becomes users wish to grab. 

As the companies previously worked together on a TWS concept where the pair of earphones are defined to connect with the case. 

This is all about the new concept “slide-phone” by Oppo. If you found this article interesting to read, do check out our other articles on the website.  It would be interesting to listen from you, what you think about this new design concept in the comments section. 


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