Oppo Inno Day 2020 scheduled for November 17. 65W wireless and 125W wired charging phone incoming

The Chinese smartphone company Oppo looks all set to continue its customer innovations showcase events. 

This event is popularly known as the Inno Day and is it’s 2020 edition. Moreover, it’s scheduled to take place on the 17th of November in Shenzhen, China. 

The company uses this Inno Day event as a platform to demo its latest developments and technical upgrades in the field of mobile sphere. 

If we look at what new we got last year at this event, was a demonstration on under-display camera, an AR headset including this there was a 5G router by the makers. 

What new we can expect this time?

According to the rumours given by Digital Chat Station a Chinese tipster, in its 2020 edition this year the company is launching its inward folding phone prototype.

More to this a second-gen in-display selfie cam, it’s new camera upgrade and ultra-speed charging. 

The rumours also listed that Oppo will showcase its latest 32MP periscope cam. This periscope cam has widened lenses. This lenses enables its focal length to extend from 85 to 135mm. 

However, this periscope cam was originally introduced in August this year and was appreciated for its 3.3x to 5.2x optical zoom facility. Also, this cam has up to 11x combined variable zoom ability.  

The digital zoom will cap out at over 100x magnification limit. 

The charging font includes Oppo’s 65W wireless and 125W wired charging developments in its Inno Day event. 

However, the actual date is not yet disclosed when this charging features going to be live on commercial smartphones. But it’s expected that Oppo will clarify this on November 17. 

This is all about Oppo’s upcoming Inno Day event. For more events and tech updates. Stay tuned!


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