OPI Announces Xbox-Inspired Nail Polish That Unlocks In-Game Content

Are you a beautiful girl who loves playing video games and looking pretty? Yes, you guys are hard to come by but you do exist. Now if you are such a lovely girl (male gamers’ ultimate dream) then we have got a lovely offer for you. Just go on reading for more info.

OPI Nail Polish

Beauty brand OPI has collaborated with Xbox and launched a range of 12 nail polishes called the ‘Play the Palette’. The nail polishes have names inspired by in-game items from the games Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite. The nail polishes are selling like hotcakes on the website called Ultra Beauty. They selling so fast because they are available only till 1st February 2022. After 1st February 2022, the nail polishes can be used to unlock redeemable content for Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite. Buyers will have to upload the receipts of the nail polishes on the Xbox app or on the OPI website to redeem the prices. The receipts should be $20 or more though.

The 12 colors of the nail polishes are Lavender, Pastel Blue, Pearlescent red, Berry purple, Pearlescent Pink, Shimmery rose quartz, Vibrant pink, Sage green, Coral, Light pastel green, Apricot orange, and Pearlescent light blue. All the shades will cost you $10.79 each. You can order then now by going to the following link

https://www.ulta.com/p/xbox-nail-lacquer-collection-pimprod2030261. One thing you should know is that right now the nail polishes are only available in the USA for sale and shipping. If you live outside the USA then you will have to wait till 1st February 2022 as after that date, the nail polishes will be available the world over.

Well, that is a bit hard to swallow, if you live outside the USA. Those in the USA though, why are you still here? Go grab your nail polishes before the stock runs out!



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