“Operation Christmas Drop” season 2: release date, cast, synopsis, trailer Details

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Season 1 of “Operation Christmas Drop” was a huge success and received positive responses from critics with the IMDB ratings of 6/10.

The heart melting romantic holiday series is back with its brilliant characters and fantastic storyline with season 2 of “Operation Christmas Drop”, which will be gifted by Santa aka Netflix in all over the world.

Just not getting chill!

The holiday series spins around Erica Miller, who went to Air Force Band of Guam to check how it works and role of Captain Andrew Jantz in all this. But her boss, Angie Bradford is seen checking if the mission is going well. She was an Operation Christmas Dropout and was sole responsible to decide the fate of mission.

The whole mission was backed by humanitarian mission and knitted by US Department of Defence. More than that, we should also thank its stars who made the movie more interesting with its intense acting and talent.

There is no official information regarding when season 2 is going to get released!

Till then, just chill with the theme song of movie which is very fascinating to hear:


What is the anticipated release date?

Martin Wood movie is expected to get released by next Christmas. According to the practice followed by Netflix to release move by 1 or 2 years after its announcement, we can say so. 

The production halted by COVID-19 movie will be dropped in by next X-mas.

Who are going to cast?

Casts has not been decided yet but Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig are surely going to cast in the movie, as per reports.

Season 2 will dive deep into the life of these couples!

Virginia Madsen, and other prominent cast members are also going to get featured in the movie. 

The new chapter will be a combination of old faces and new faces as well!

For sure!

What is the synopsis?

The sequel is likely to define the positive impact of the mission on the world and love for mission-oriented couple.

When will the trailer will be out?

The official trailer of the movie has not yet been released. But it will be released as the date will approach. But Netflix will release teaser kind of, as soon as possible. 

The thing is you all have to get updated now and wait for more notifications from Netflix regarding the movie.


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