Online Dating: Is It Serious?

The internet penetrates everywhere into our lives, and now we can even talk about the psychology of relationships specifically in the virtual space. Both young people and senior citizens — many are online all day long, and even at night, they do not turn off the network: “What if someone sends a message!” It all starts with practical purposes: searching for information for work or articles for study, business correspondence, ordering goods through the network. But then the personal component takes over, and without a Facebook chat or Instagram hidden in the corner of the screen, the working day is no longer a working day.

Often, the lack of a network or correspondence, the power is turned off, the computer freezes, the Ukrainian brides are offline, irritates and distracts from office affairs more than the chat itself, so communication via the internet has become a habitual action necessary for inner peace.

Some correspond with friends and relatives, discussing pressing problems, others are looking for new interlocutors. Aims can be different:

  • fresh sensations;
  • new acquaintances;
  • search for like-minded people;
  • an attempt to meet a soulmate, etc.

Internet and Human Psychology

Human psychology is such that, even surrounded by many people, everyone revolves in their own small society:

  • the closest relatives,
  • a few old friends,
  • one or two colleagues.

It takes time and effort to bring someone new into your circle. Both of these are regularly lacking. And then the internet appears on the scene, which makes it possible, without spending a lot of energy, to acquire hundreds of new friends, and maybe even start a virtual romance.

Psychology is a delicate thing, and imperceptibly for oneself, over the years, it becomes more and more difficult for a person to communicate with strangers. At the university, several friends were added every day, and real, not virtual ones. And it cost nothing to meet a girl or a guy at a party or on a walk in the park. With age, this is either no longer necessary, or a habit of communicating only with old acquaintances appears, or doubts about the ability to make acquaintances in principle settle, there is a fear of talking to a stranger. In this case, as well as for shy people who find it hard to make new acquaintances in real life, the internet is a good way out.

Internet Dating from the Point of View of Psychology

How to protect yourself by starting correspondence online? How to move smoothly from correspondence to real meetings? How does the psychology of relationships on the internet differ from communication in real life?

The ability to create any mask and play any role can be both a positive and negative feature. On the one hand, on the internet, people get the opportunity to communicate without worrying about their real or imaginary physical disabilities, age, or appearance. On the other hand, there are no guarantees that a cute profile picture corresponds to a real person behind the monitor. However, there is nothing fundamentally new in this. In the last century, for instance, it was fashionable among teenagers to make pen pals.

Another advantage of online communication is the ability to choose an interlocutor according to your interests: thematic groups allow you to communicate with people who share your views and hobbies. Often, this kind of communication turns into real life. Some members of several online games meet regularly; members of the culinary group on the social network conduct real master classes in baking, etc. Such thematic communication largely ensures the transition to a real acquaintance.

For safe online communication, it is enough to follow simple and obvious rules that we usually follow when communicating in real life:

  • Any information that appears on the network remains there forever. Do not post pictures or personal information that you may regret later.
  • Do not seek to share all the details of your life with others.
  • Do not tell everyone your personal data, up to your home address or bank account number.
  • When moving from online communication to communication in everyday life, do not rush things. First, you can get together in a large company, in a crowded place; take a closer look at each other, and only then move on to closer relationships.

Online dating becomes dangerous when it begins to completely crowd out and replace communication in real life. In such cases, you need to determine what the problem is. Perhaps, due to the nature of the character, it is hard for such a person to communicate “in real life.”


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