OnePlus’s budget mobile phone ‘OnePlus Nord’ has finally got the android 11 update with OxygenOS 11. The beta version of android 11 is available for all the users of OnePlus Nord worldwide. they will be able to test the all-new version of the OS in their phones.

Right now, the Android 11 and OxygenOS 11 is available as a part of a beta program for testing the loopholes and bugs in the device which will be solved by the company before the final rollout. If you are a Nord user and don’t know how to get the android 11 OS installed in your phone, here is the complete manual about how to install it:

  1. You have to go to the OnePlus website, then you have to download the ROM for your phone.
  2. After the download gets completed, the next step is to upgrade the package into the mobile.
  3. For doing that, just go to Settings>System Updates>Local Upgrade>Then click on the installation package which was downloaded previously>upgrade
  4. the update will be completed shortly 
  5. restart the phone after the update gets completed and voila! you have installed the Android 11 on your phone.

One thing that all of those who are planning to install the new android should remember is to take backup of all the data stored in your mobile storage. although OnePlus has said that the update will not delete any data, we suggest you not take any risk with precious data.

It might happen that the system will not be able to locate the upgrade package downloaded by you. If something like that happens, just download the ROM on your PC or laptop and then copy it to the device. it will work then.

After you become a beta user, the updates will keep on coming. Though, if you don’t quite like the beta version and want to go to the previous stable version of the android 10, you can download it on the same website with the name OnePlus Nord – India. 


The new android 11 will bring an all-new user interface for the users along with new design and various new and improved features. The company has added an ambient display feature through which you will get new clock styles which will change as you use the mobile data. There will be some of the other improvements in the feature which were having some trouble.

So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to download the beta version of the new OS?


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