OnePlus came a few years ago as a mobile manufacturing company which provides one of the best products in the market at a really aggressive price. From OnePlus one to OnePlus 8, all the 8 phones have successfully dominated the market. 

The company made all the 8 phones with top end features and they were flagship ones. So, there was one concern that the low budget customers could not buy it. The company noticed the problem and launched a new phone, OnePlus Nord, specifically launched for the budget segment. 

The phone really did very well in the market as it was sold at a really good price point. The phone came out as a big hit and users really loved the design, the battery, the performance and the camera.

As the phone was a big hit, the company has announced its second product of the series, OnePlus Nord 2 and we can’t really wait to see the phone. 

There are rumours that the OnePlus Nord 2 might launch this year along with the OnePlus 9 which is expected to launch in the first quarter or early second quarter of the year.

although there are no official confirmations from the company about the second phone, as the first one really did well in the market, the company might launch the second one.

We really don’t know anything about the design or features of the phone, but as we get to know about it, we will share it with you. There are some things that we want to see in the phones which we have shared in the article.


Availability-As we have seen that the first phone was not launched worldwide and many of the people could not use the phones. We really want the OnePlus Nord 2 to launch worldwide so that everyone will be able to use it 

Battery life- OnePlus Nord has really a big problem, that the battery life of the pyone was not good, though in the early days, it went well, but soon it was found that it doesn’t last a typical day. We are expecting that the second edition of the phone does not come with the battery problem.

Front camera- OnePlus Nord had two camera modules in the front, but the photo quality and colours were really poor. we are expecting that it does not happen in the next phone.

So, that is all so far that we want from the OnePlus Nord. If there are any recommendations by you, you can also add them to the comments. by the way, are you excited for the OnePlus Nord 2?


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