OnePlus has really been doing great since its first launch of OnePlus one. It came like some other smartphone manufacturing company and today, it is one of the top companies in the world. With every new phone that it releases, the expectations get high and OnePlus also provides the product as per expectation. every new phone in the series comes one level up than its predecessor.

OnePlus phones provide really very good cameras though it is not in the list of one of the best camera phones. Other phones which are sold at more than double the price than the OnePlus phone tend to have better cameras than the OnePlus phones which is quite justified. The phones are so expensive so obviously they will have the better camera.

But it seems like OnePlus might change that also very soon. The CEO of the company, Pete Lau said in a statement that they will invest huge resources in order to create a phone with the world’s best camera function. The statement looks promising and we can’t wait to see when the phone will be released. 

We only know that the phone will have a great camera. there is no other news by the company about them. The phone is expected to be released by the end of the year. However, OnePlus 9 will be released in the next few months, so there might be chances that the OnePlus 9T will be the phone with the huge camera.

The company is selling the phones in great numbers and they can invest more in their research and development to improve the camera features and hardware. The company will not only focus on the lenses and sensors but also work on image processing and optimisation too.


OnePlus really needs to work on their camera to provide the best camera phone. They have to source great camera lens providers to get the best, best lens. There are rumours that OnePlus is collaborating with Leica, a lens maker company which also provides lenses to Huawei phones, for the upcoming OnePlus 9.

Let’s see how well it works out for the phone.

we can’t really wait to see when the next OnePlus phone will release. How excited are you?


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