One Perfect Shot, Max Original Season 1 Premiere Release Date, Cast, Plot And Expectations!

One Perfect Shot is a new unique series that has been inspired from a Twitter account is arriving on HBO Max this month. Some very famous names are associated with this series. The details about this highly anticipated series are as follows.

One Perfect Shot
One Perfect Shot

One Perfect Shot

This unique series is the brainchild of the famous American film maker Ava DuVernay. Array Filmworks and Warner Horizon Unscripted Television are the production partners for this series. This series was announced long back in August of 2020 but only now, after a year and a half, the show is finally going to release on HBO Max on 24th March 2022. The delay has been there due to the interruption of COVID-19 in the production of the show. Let’s now take a look at the original Twitter account from which the show has been inspired.

Twitter Account

The Twitter account on which the show has been based on is also known as One Perfect Shot. The creators of the account are based in Austin, Texas, USA. The account was created in November of 2013. Currently the account has around 209k tweets. The account has nearly 679k followers till date. The account mainly focuses on sharing single still pictures from famous movies and TV shows. With each post the account adds the movie name and the directors name in the caption of the post. Next let’s see what inspired Ava to create this show.

Ava’s Inspiration

Talking to the Variety website in 2020, Eva had revealed that she always wanted to make a show that celebrated directors. She had said that to be able to showcase what goes on behind the making of a movie is the prime goal of her new show. It took more than a year to make the show a reality but now finally it is coming out. Therefore, it is mandatory that we explore the format of the show.

The show’s Format

As explained by Eva herself, each episode of the show will take up one of the posts from the Twitter account and showcase that picture in a 360-degree photosphere. Into the photosphere, the director of the movie from which the photos have been taken will walk in and will explain the various things that happened during the filming of that particular film.

The director will talk about what inspired him or her to take the scene and why did they take the scene in this particular manner as it has been depicted in the picture. In this way the show becomes one of its kind and will be very helpful for all the potential directors out there who want to make a movie of their own.

Well till now we only know that Eva is going to host the show. Sadly, that is the only information we have about this show. We do not know how many episodes are being made and which famous directors are going to be featured in the show.



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