On The Job, Max Original (Mini-Series) Season 1 Premiere This January 2022! Watch It Or Skip It?

Mini-series based on popular movies is a very popular thing. If a particular movie formula makes it big at the box office, then the producer and the director enthusiastically make spin off of mini-series based on the movie(s). The latest edition to this mini-series tradition is the mini-series named On The Job. Following are the details about the mini-series.

On The Job

This mini-series is based on two movies named On The Job and On The Job: The Missing 8. Erik Matti was the director of these two films and he has also directed the mini-series. Michiko Yamamoto has written the stories for the episodes of the mini-series. The mini-series has 6 episodes with each episode being 45-63 minutes long. Reality MM Studios and Globe Studios produced the mini-series wither WarnerMedia Entertainment as the distributor. The series originally came out on the HBO go TV channel from 12th September to 3rd October 2021. Now the series is coming to HBO max on 20th January 2022.

Cast And Plot

Joel Torre, Leo Martinez, Piolo Pascual and Jeoy Maequez are the main people in this mini-series.

The series focuses on the paid contract killers who are prisoners. These prisoners are taken out by criminals’ syndicates which are operated by politicians. They use the prisoners to carry out a political assassination. Some of the stories are spine-chilling. The acting done by everyone is very appreciable. They have acted as naturally as possible and have really tried to blend into their character. It is a min-series that you should watch by taking out some time out of your schedule.

Even though the series is in the Filipino language, the dubbing artist and the subtitle writers have done a very great job. 

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