Also, you figured the inauguration would be the greatest news this week. 

Disfavored influencer Olivia Jade Giannulli is getting back to the ripe ground from whence she sprung — actually no, not a huge advantage — YouTube, where she posted her first video in longer than a year. 

Profoundly underselling things with the title “everyday video blog x Olivia jade,” Giannulli, 21, starts the video by saying, “This is so insane!” (We’re with her up until now.) 

Her acquaintance refers with her “Red Table Talk” appearance — which irritated “RTT” have Jada Pinkett Smith’s mother and satisfied Sofia Richie — and guides watchers to return to it should they have any inquiries concerning her contemplations on the school confirmations outrage that landed both of her folks in jail. 

She at that point intrudes on the video with an evidently after message recommending that she “[didn’t] intend to state that in a contemptuous manner or a vainglorious way,” or infer “I went on Red Table Talk and now my name is cleared.” She likewise expressed gratitude toward the show’s hosts for having her. 

The video continues to pretty standard-charge influencer stuff, with artificial VCR-sifted film, delicate EDM, and loads of seashore film — pre-COVID, however, Olivia Jade notes in another alter — trailed by a careful recitation of the particulars of Jade’s day. There are some espresso and toast-production, shots of the canine, treadmill shots, supper, a LA dusk, her confirmation that “I feel truly blessed that I even will call this a work,” her skincare schedule, etc. 

The entire video is a hair more than 15 minutes in length. Appreciate.


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