We Are OFK Is Exactly What I’m Looking For In Episodic Video Games

In the 1960s, producers eager to capitalize on The Beatles’ popularity devised an obvious and successful elevator pitch: a TV show starring young actors and singers that would release actual albums, tour real venues, and pay its creator’s real money. For a brief while, the Monkees were unstoppable. In the 1990s, Hewlett-Gorillaz, Packard’s virtual animated band that debuted in 2D music videos, 3D awards shows, and finally holographic live concerts, was based on the concept of manufactured musicians.

Before the end of the month, I got the opportunity to meet OFK. It could be this generation’s “real-fictional band.”

OFK 2022 Episodic Games

We Are OFK, a 2022 episodic video game, will include four OFK characters. Each time a new episode of OFK’s video game is launched. A new single will be released, similar to how The Monkees utilized their television show to launch their music career. The game will have explored the stories of its aspiring pop stars and released a complete EP at the end of its five-episode run.

OFK is the first indie example of human artists “creating” a fictional band. In the same way that the Monkees and Gorillaz were side projects for successful rock stars and pop singers, respectively.

: OFK consists of four cartoon characters that will make their debut in the episodic video game We Are OFK in 2022. As with The Monkees' television show before it
: OFK consists of four cartoon characters that will make their debut in the episodic video game We Are OFK in 2022. As with The Monkees’ television show before it

AAA Game Developers

In the actual world, Team OFK is made up of a diverse group of independent and AAA game developers. Teddy Dief worked on Hyper Light Drifter, while Khris Brown. The performance director for Assassin’s Creed and other big-budget franchises like Grand Theft Auto has had a substantial impact on performance. Dief told me that of the 24 partners listed on the team’s website, all of them exist in both the real world and OFK.

This complicates matters because the band is fake, yet Team OFK members provide the vocals. Therefore, some band members play both bandmates and themselves.

Using Dief as an example, it’s simple to see how this can be accomplished. Teddy Dief, a member of OFK’s fictional creative team, is the game’s real-life director. Teddy also plays Luca, the lead vocalist of OFK, in We Are OFK.

What Are Your Thoughts About That?

It doesn’t matter if the aesthetics aren’t up to par as long as the music and gameplay are. Above all other concerns, it prioritizes accessibility, accessibility, and emotional connection. Furthermore, it is capable of creating tension throughout the course of an entire season. Ironically, although online streaming has taught us how to binge-watch TV. Digital distribution may finally offer us a fictitious group of pals with whom we can’t wait to send out. The Monkees devised an excellent strategy!

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