October 2021’s Best and Biggest Gadgets Of Apple, Google And Many More

Apple And Google Gadgets

Apple released redesigned MacBook Pros and updated AirPods in October.

Google with the Pixel 6 and its successor, the Pixel 2.

This month, here’s what to anticipate.

14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models 

Apple’s new MacBook Pro 14- and 16-inch models were undoubtedly the most significant new product announcements. Numerous Pro users have requested additional ports, a physical row of function keys, the return of MagSafe charging, an even more beautiful display, and an improved webcam for years. Additionally, these devices can be equipped with Apple’s M1 Pro and M1 Max silicon chipsets, which promise to outperform even the much-lauded M1 from last year in terms of power, graphics, and efficiency.

Best and Biggest Gadgets Of Apple, Google And Many More
Best and Biggest Gadgets Of Apple, Google And Many More

Apple’s AirPods (3rd-Generation)

Apple’s third-generation AirPods, the AirPods lineup’s new middle child, have been revealed following months of speculation. There is a price difference between these and the more expensive AirPods Pro (which are currently discounted to just $129). They have the appearance and functionality of a cross between the two. However, they lack the AirPods Pro’s in-ear design and silicone eartips, making them more comfortable than the original AirPods. They lack the Pro’s active noise cancellation and transparency modes, but they do include spatial audio and adaptive EQ.

The Apple iPhone XR features a notch for earbuds.

Google has unveiled the Pixel 6 and Pixel Pro smartphones. Additionally, they incorporate Google’s new custom processor, Tensor, making them the first Pixels to feature the company’s most “Pro” displays and camera systems to date. These Pixel-specific custom chipsets were developed in the same way that Apple does for its iPhone chipsets, with the goal of maximising battery life and powering some of the Pixel’s more advanced AI features (like real-time language translations and new computational photography skills).

Nikon C9

Nikon has finally released its first full-frame mirrorless flagship camera in years with the Nikon Z9. This camera supports burst shooting at 120 frames per second, owing to its brand new high-speed sensor (45.7 megapixels) and brand-new processor (EXPEED 7).

TCL Roku TV Sound Bar with Built-in Wireless Speakers

TCL has a long history of producing affordable 4K televisions, as well as a variety of soundbar and subwoofer systems to complement them. The new Roku TV Wireless Soundbar lacks HDMI and other audio ports, making it the company’s first “wireless” soundbar. Wireless Soundbar for Roku TV.

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