Obi-Wan Kenobi series: airing date, crew, trailers, and series’s rumours

The Series Obi-Wan is set to exclusively air on Disney+ and fans are eager to welcome the new show. 

This series Obi-Wan, a work of Kenobi project has already gathered a lot of attention as it has been having its name through rumor on social media,

However, later it was officially confirmed at the D23 occasion which was held in 2019 August. The series’s star Ewan McGregor, was the happiest amongst all as he was finding it difficult to keep it a secret. 

The star stated that it became extremely difficult as he was drawn up to speak the fact, but he was not allowed to do so. As the studios and the huge franchises had to keep all under covers and as nearer as it could be.  


The star, Ewan McGregor just stated on The Graham Norton Show that filming is planned to begin in March of the following year. However, the show would air at the edge if 2021 or 2022 is yet to be known.

He continued the joyous aspect about performing it when he was young, he was attempting to visualize Alec Guinness, how he might play these roles as an adolescent guy. However, currently he’s greatly nigher in age to him, and so may be his challenge to confront him someplace.

He said that he loves Alec Guinness, even though he didn’t meet him. 


We don’t have much news on the cast of the show. However, the star Ewan McGregor as well as Hayden Christensen will be returning back to the show. They will be retaining their characters as before from the prequel trilogy. As soon as any further update on the crew of the show is out, will update you all with the same. 


There is no official trailer for the show. But you can watch Kathleen Kennedy disclosing about the return of Hayden Christensen here

 The video even shows some more about the new upcoming series. One can watch the video on Disney+.

Do watch it and stay tuned with is to gather more information.


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