There is good news for all the gamers out there, Nvidia is working on two new high end graphics cards which are expected to release in the next few months. 

The Nvidia RTX 3080 Super and RTX 3070 Super are the ones about which we are talking. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 and RTX 3080 are already taking people’s mind away with threat great performances and the experience that they provide. As the Super variant of them is coming, you can expect how great will it be.

Though, it is very early to talk about the specs of those beasts as there hasn’t been any news from the company, one thing is sure that the product is surely going to rule in the gaming market. The RTX 3080 is expected to come with 12-14 GB of VRAM and RTX 3070 is also expected to come with similar amount of RAM but less than what RTX 3080 will have.

It might take a little time for both the GPUs to launch it in the Indian market and by the time it happens, the supply of memory will also be better. The company itself has announced that the supply of their products will be better by end of first quarter of 2021 and people will not have to wait for long to get it.

There are other competitors also like AMD and Intel who are also working on a high-end chipset and graphics. Every company is trying hard to be the number one in the gaming market. One thing which will be a benefit for customers is that with such a tough competition, the prices will also be aggressive. We will get a value for product item at a reasonable price.

However, there is one critical thing to be considered, is prices. The company is currently selling its existing devices with a price cut in order to make room for other and money to produce them. Nvidia keep doing that every time they come up with a premium variant of existing card. 

Hopefully the card will be out soon and we will get to try our hands on it.


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