There is a game streaming service name Nvidia Geforce Now which finally came to Apple’s Mac systems and will be supporting the Google Chrome web browser.

So, for all the gamers reading this, now you will be able to stream games on chrome browser itself. Nvidia recently confirmed that both the Google chrome and Mac systems will now be supporting online game steaming by Nvidia. The company has also said that other OS might also work but they will be unsupported, so Linux users can give it a try if things work out for them.

Nvidia also said that they had added an easy way to save the bookmarks and shortcuts so that whenever you want to play your favourite game again, you won’t have to go through the whole site again, just click on the shortcut and it will start. All you will need to do is to just click on the game’s details and there will be an option to add shortcuts through which shortcuts will be created on the desktop.

Some sites have tried the new update a try on windows 10 OS and it really turned out pretty well, games ran very smoothly. although some settings were missing, overall it was a great experience but if you are playing the game through web streaming, you must have a good internet connection or else it won’t be fun at all.

Though you can also download the Nvidia Geforce Now app to play the games, but playing on chrome also won’t make the experience any different.


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