Now You See Me 3 development revealed, Top Gun: Maverick’s writer pens script

It is time for Now You See Me fans to rejoice because the third installment is in the works. Fans have been waiting for this news for four years, and we must say that it was a long wait. Continue scrolling to know the latest updates about the third sequel.

More Details about Now You See Me 3

In May 2015, we heard that the CEO of Lionsgate, Jon Feltheimer, has started planning about the third installment. One of the great news is that Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch will be a part of this film. After a year, in December 2016, it was disclosed that Neil Widener and Gavin James would serve as the writers of the upcoming flick.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about Now You See Me 3, but there are some speculations that the entire cast is expected to reprise their roles. Moreover, the character of Benedict Cumberbatch is also not revealed yet. But viewers might see him playing the role of an agent dealing with The Eyes.

Eric Warren will pen the scripts of Now You See Me 3

You may not know, but we recently found out that the American Hustle’s co-writer, Eric Warren Singer, will introduce more new characters in the upcoming film. President of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, Nathan Kahane, stated that Eric has always been interested in creating illusions and deceptions.

And he came to the creators with a great plotline, and this is why the creators decided to hire him. Eric might take the story of this franchise to a whole new level. So fans can expect a lot in the upcoming flick because along with the old cast, new characters are appearing as well.

Now You See Me 3 Plot

Details on the Now You See Me 3 plot are very slim. All the cast and crew of this series have kept their lips sealed to avoid any rumors and speculations. We will let you know when we find any information about the storyline.

Now You See Me 3 Cast

Previously Zombieland actor shared his interest in reprising his role as J Daniel Atlas aka Daniel (The Lover). He played a character of a street magician, an arrogant illusionist, as well as the ostensible leader of the Four Horsemen. Along with him, we can expect Dave Franco to return as Jack Wilder, Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus Bradley, Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Rhodes, Michael Caine as Arthur Tressler, as well as Woody Harrelson as Merritt McKinney.


The official premiere date of Now You See Me 3 is not out yet, so stay tuned with us to get more news about the third installment.

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