Nothing And Qualcomm’s Collaboration Suggests That Bigger Tech Gadgets Are On The Way.

When viewed from the outside, Carl Pei and Nothing have had a fascinating journey. However, the company has experienced significant growth since its introduction of the ear (1) headphones in 2008. Since the ear (1) was first introduced in August of 2021, the company has confirmed that it has shipped “more than 100,000 units,” according to the company’s website.

It is critical to continue to build on this success, and that is where today’s announcement comes into play. Apart from raising an additional $50 million in funding, Nothing is also announcing a brand-new partnership with Qualcomm to “power its future tech ecosystem.”

Given the nature of the question, Nothing did not provide any specifics about this “future tech ecosystem,” which was understandable given the nature of the question.

Nothing And Qualcomm's Collaboration
Nothing And Qualcomm’s Collaboration

It is possible that Qualcomm SVP Enrico Salvatori mentioned 5G connectivity as a red herring to indicate that there is no new smartphone in the works, even though this was mentioned.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise considering that Nothing acquired Essential earlier this year. In the meantime, until Pei provides us with a more concrete picture of what is to come, we’ll have to make do with conjecture and speculation.

It is possible to get your hands on the Nothing Ear (1) headphones, which are interesting and unique, especially considering their $99 price tag, but the only method of obtaining them right now is to visit the Nothing website on Tuesday and try your luck at beating the bots. Even though I haven’t been successful in obtaining these for myself, I will continue to attempt to do so until I am able to obtain them for my own personal use.

Nothing Raises $50 Million And Collaborates With Qualcomm To Make Use Of The Snapdragon Technology Therein.

Nothing, a consumer technology company, announced on Wednesday that it has raised $50 million in funding from strategic and private investors and that it has partnered with chipmaker Qualcomm to power its upcoming products. Nothing was established in London in 2010.

Nothing released its first product, the ‘ear (1)’ TWS earbuds, for Rs 5,999 in August and shipped over 100,000 units in less than two months. Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, created Nothing.

“As evidenced by the successful launch of the ear (1), our first product, a new challenger brand can emerge and disrupt today’s sea of sameness. Users deserve better products that are simpler to use, more accessible, and still look beautiful “Nothing’s CEO and co-founder, Pei, shared his thoughts.


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