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NOTA (none of the above) is a political thriller Tamil film directed by Anand Shankar that was released in India in 2018. It starts Vijay Deverakonda, who is making his Tamil debut, and Mehreen Pirzada, and was shot simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu. Sathyaraj, Nassar, Karunakaran, Priyadarshi Pullikonda, Yashika Aannand, M. S. Bhaskar, and Rajendran are among the supporting cast members. The film was adapted from the novel Vettattam by Shan Karuppusamy, who is also involved in the screenplay. It was produced by K. E. Gnanavel Raja under his production house Studio Green.

Varun, the son of a chief minister, ascends to his father’s seat after his father is charged with corruption. Varun, who has no prior political experience, finds himself glued to his chair for an extended period. 

Sam C. S. composed the musical score and soundtrack, while Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran and Raymond Derrick Crasta handled cinematography and editing. The film premiered in India on October 5th, 2018and in the United States on October 4th, 2018.


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Varun Subramanyam (Vijay Deverakonda) is a British video game artist. He is the son of Tamil Nadu’s long-serving Chief Minister, Vinodhan Subramanyam (Vasudev in Telugu) (Andhra Pradesh in Telugu). Varun travels to Chennai (Hyderabad) for his birthday celebrations at the orphanage he runs, as well as to see his half-sister. Later, he goes out partying, but he is apprehended by a large police convoy at 1 a.m. and brought home with shocking news: Varun will be sworn in as the new Chief Minister by 5 a.m. to protect the party, as Vinodhan will be sentenced guilty in a corruption case the next day. Varun is sworn in as Chief Minister despite his reservations.

Despite being the head of government, CM Varun, who is completely unaware of the situation, agrees to it on the condition that his father is released on bail in two weeks and stays under self-imposed house arrest. Varun does little but play video games in his room and sign the documents that the Chief Secretary provides. Unfortunately, the consequences are negative for Vinodhan, who is sentenced to jail pending the outcome of the high court appeal. Riots erupt in the city after Vinodhan is arrested. During the protests, a bus is set on fire, killing a young schoolgirl. Varun, who was on his way to meet his guru Mahendran (Mahindra in Telugu), visits the bus wreckage. He requests that Mahendran meet him at the venue. When he hears the mother of the little girl wail, he is heartbroken. He then understands the significance of his status and threatens, in an immediate press conference on the accident site, to put an end to the riots. Regrettably, this does not sit well with Varadarajan’s opposition party (K. S. G. Venkatesh). After being ridiculed as “Dummy CM,” Varun earns the moniker “Rowdy CM” from the opposition party.

On the other hand, Vinodhan claims that the reason he passed on the post to his son was due to the advice of a Swamiji who predicted that Vinodhan’s position would be challenged and that he would have to resign, while the position would have to be filled by someone from his bloodline. Varun’s mother discovered years ago that Vinodhan was a successful actor at the time and was cheating on her with other co-actors, so Vinodhan doubts whether Varun is his son. She tells him she may be cheating on him during a heated confrontation, which enrages him, and he nearly chokes her to death. She is discovered dead the next day, having taken 23 sleeping pills. As a result, Vinodhan never found out if Varun was his son. Meanwhile, Vinodhan is injured in a bomb attack by unknown men and is taken to the hospital, where he falls into a coma. Varun now has to take on the role of CM, so he goes through his father’s belongings and discovers a journal with codes and bank accounts. He investigates the matter with his friend Wong. Due to heavy rain that came out of nowhere, a dam had to be opened without warning. The officials, it turned out, ‘re waiting for the CM’s order. Varun mocks them by telling them to wait until Vinodhan is released from prison, but he later acts quickly, raising awareness and enlisting the support of the youths; as a result, the dam only destroyed property, not lives, when it was opened. Mahendran also tells Varun and his daughter Swathi about his first love, which he lost because of his friend’s selfishness. When Varun runs for CM, a video of him kissing a foreigner in a nightclub party is posted, but he was drugged by the opposition party. Varun uses director Murugadoss to help him clear his name. The foreigner also informs him that she is an actress who has joined Varun for a short film shoot. 

Varun dispatches Wong to Panama to hack the accounts of the property’s fictitious owners and move the funds to his own. Vinodhan wakes up from his coma after hearing his daughter Narmada speak to his second wife about Varun winning the temporary election and the clean sweep of the bank accounts. As a result, when Vinodhan visits him, he behaves in a way that appeals to his son’s pity. He tells Mahendran about it, who responds that his father was an actor and that there is more trouble to come.

Meanwhile, a series of events begins to unfold: Swathi is involved in an accident; Wong is apprehended in Panama but manages to flee; and the foreigner commits suicide and blames it on Varun, who is searched by the police and threatened with arrest; however, Varun, with the aid of Varadarajan’s daughter Kayal, remains at her home and treats Swathi. Now, Vinodhan, ever sly, appoints one of his goons as CM instead of Bhai, a long-serving comrade. After that, Vinothan and his friend get into a heated argument. Varun, who has hacked the hospital’s CCTV video, calls his father’s friend and tells him to tell his followers to vote for him because he has all of their money. It’s also revealed that the Swamiji brainwashed Vinodhan in exchange for a $20 million contract.

Varun retains his job as CM after winning the confidence vote 122 to 110 (in absentia), and Mahendran tells him that he loved Vinodhan’s wife before they married, but Vinodhan split their relationship to marry Mahendran’s lover for her money. After that, Mahendran admits he didn’t see her again. Varun, he said, was Vinodhan’s son, not anyone else’s. Vinodhan admits his error and begs Varun’s forgiveness. Varun then resumes his duties as CM, vowing to make several reforms in the state and to win the next election based on people’s real votes rather than bribes.

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