According to reports, a Northampton man shot his girlfriend with a BB gun, threw urine over her and punched her in the jaw leaving her to need surgery. Despite the shocking series of assaults, Northampton Crown Court heard this morning (Thursday, January 21) that the girlfriend of abusive William Perry, 23, is keen to resume a relationship with him once he gets out of jail.

The man had called 999 to say that he wanted to punch her and not break her jaw. She needed a titanium plate to get her jaw fixed. 

One two occasions he shot her with a BB gun, once in the arm and once in the leg. In April last year he sent messages meant for the victim following the incident saying: “If I find out anything goes missing from my caravan I swear to God I will burn your dad’s house down to the f******* ground. I swear to God. Try me on that one.”

He also sent messages to blow up the house. After his first appearance last year he was placed on remand in priso because of the risk of re-offending. His lawyer said that, “The complainant maintains contact with him and writes to him and wants to get back together with him. There’s nowt’ so queer as folk, as they say. This is a couple that is terrible together and terrible apart. They both hope to reconcile but they’re both now grown-up enough to say that when he’s released he’s going to continue with his efforts to better his lot, to become a more useful person in society.”

The court hears that Perry had six convictions for eleven previous offences including theft, robbery, possession of a knife, motoring offences and several for actual bodily harm. He had served two previous jail sentences including one in a young offenders’ institute.

Her Honor Judge Rebecca Crane said, “This appears to have been a toxic relationship. Friends saw a change in the victim from an outgoing person to someone shy, submissive and scared. You minimize and you don’t fully understand the impact of your offences. The pre-sentence report says you still need to learn how to behave in society.”

He has been sentenced to four years in jail for GBH offense and one year out on license. He was given two 18 month sentences for the ABH offences, to run concurrently to the four year sentence, as well as a concurrent six month sentence for the malicious communication. He was ordered to serve two thirds of the sentence before being eligible for parole.


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