Along with the iPhone many androids have also joined the trend of increasing the prices.  Yet customers look for more affordable options to try. Nokia always win the expectations of the customers. Recently the company has launched the new phones all under 250 dollars.

Nokia the Finnish company has made an announcement this Wednesday that they are going to launch five brand new phones in the US at coming months. The best part is not even a single phone costs more than 250 dollars. Out of five one is 5G, one is featured and the remaining three are 4G devices. These are very ideal for those who require the basic models to try out first.

Details about the five mobile phones

The first one 5G Nokia G400 is priced somewhere between 239 dollars. The three 4G devices cost 149dollars, 119 dollars and the third one will be available at early summers. The third 4G device is C200 and the rest two are C100. The other two models worth only 99 and 79 dollars respectively. The price is very affordable as per the features of the devices.

Customers always look for the best value of mobile phones under budget. They want a large screen, good battery backup, high quality camera. The upcoming devices of the Nokia deal with every expectations of the customers that too under budget. The phones are already available in the US but the company has biggest customers base in Europe and Africa till now.

People are really happy after hearing this news from the officials of the Nokia. Nokia is always selling the best products to its customers and it seems will continue to do so. They are also expecting the customers to expand with the availability of the new models. Are you impressed by the price range of Nokia new phones?

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