Nokia 8000 4G and 6300 4G both duo now available for pre-order in Russia

Pre-orders for the new Nokia 6300 and 8000 HMD’s latest KaiOS-powered phones are now available in Russia. However, Nokia was a bit vague with the availability dates of this duo. Addition to this we all have witnessed on many regional Nokia stores, that shows both the smartphone coming soon.

Nokia 8000 4G

Nevertheless, the new Nokia 8000 4G seems to be best valued and the most premium of the devices till date redesigned. Moreover, its a pocket friendly and quite a bit less expensive. Ton grab this you have to pay a total RUB 7,500 (€83.2). Yes, we can say its a bit less expensive than the 2720 Flip. 

The phone comes up with a 2.8″ screen size. The phone comes up with a 1500 mAh battery, 512 RAM, and a 4GB internal storage. 

At the back, we are going to get a 2MP primary camera. And classic exterior design. 

Nokia 6300 4G 

This phone is not going to differ much from the Nokia 8000 4G. And we can say this Nokia 6300 4G offers same feature as Nokia 8000 4G. The major difference comes up with the pricing, for this, you have to pay RUB 5,000 (€55.5).

This pricing makes this phone the most affordable KaiOS Nokia of its type. More about the feature this phone will offer all features like Google’s Maps, Whatsapp and Assistant like the others. Moreover, this phone supports 4G connection and a Wi-Fi hotspot too. 

The only major difference between the duo is that the Nokia 8000 has a 2 MP camera. On the hand, the Nokia 6300 gets a souvenir VGA sensor. 

Apart from this, both the phone has an external model made up of plastic. 

This is all about the new Nokia 8000 4G and 6300 4G pre-order available in Russia, Stay Tuned! For more tech updates and launches.


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